The Truth About Your Ex

Going through a breakup/separation etc can be a really painful and hurtful experience. Sitting there waiting for your girlfriend to come to you is as demoralizing as it gets. Days and nights pass and no progress seems to be made, and you can be sitting confused and wondering what it is you need to do in order to attract her attention. It is possible to be feeling powerless and ineffective as time passes and anything and everything you try simply does not work. Are you at this stage? Do you want to get the ex back or are you trying to move on without success? If you are constantly getting thoughts of your ex girlfriend creep back into your mind, and you still have feelings for them, then it might be worth learning how to win her correctly and effectively.

ex back truths

Here is a little on how to win him back.

1. Accept The Break Up – NOW: You need to be able to accept the break up and understand that your relationship is over for the time being. It is critical that you understand that your relationship can not start up again from where it left off. Don’t fall into the trap of simply wanting things to magically start again and all the problems in your relationship to be forgotten somehow!

2. What Went Wrong and Why?: Your ex has reasons for leaving you and no matter what was said during the break up you need to remember that these problems must be addressed and fixed. You must be completely honest with yourself and not let any denial get in the way of finding the underlying causes for the break up. In order to obtain a true understanding of your situation, you need to set up some barriers regarding communication. It will be difficult to think things over and gather your thoughts with constant interruption and liaising with your ex. It is agreed, this is a difficult time, and you would love nothing more than to see them and try and battle things out, but now is not the right time. Allow some space to breath, and let the situation diffuse and settle down first. Think about your relationship and what has happened for it to end so badly. When you find the answers, good or bad, you will have at least let enough time to pass in order to make a calculated decision about your futures together.

The time will eventually present itself to communicate again. This is better done face to face to iron things out. Try not to make your first encounter with your ex via a telephone call or email unless it is to arrange a meeting. Discussing your issues should be done in person. Beforehand, make sure you are one hundred percent prepared. Have the points you wish to make ready, and also be aware, they will want to make their points too. Make sure you are looking your best for this occasion, and your attitude is warm and welcoming. Do not be caught short by making silly mistakes caused by lack of planning.

3. Leave Your Ego At The Door: Having a broken heart hurts like hell and we have all been there at some stage in our life but you must put aside your ego and take responsibility for what went wrong and not use the blame game. Honesty and maturity wil help you get through this stage and help you understand what you can do to make things different and fix the problems in the relationship.

4. Be Confident & Positive: It might be next to impossible right now to put a smile on your face but you must. You need to become confident and remain positive at all times. Both sexes love confidence and you must show your ex that you are still the same person that they fell in love with. Do not let yourself become an emotional mess. You have nothing let to lose right now and that is very important to remember. You have everything to gain and this should lead you to remain positive.

5. Be, and remain dedicated to get back your ex girlfriend. This is a crucial point and will be the deciding factor in your efforts to win back the love of the heart. Those men that stay focused and are truly dedicated in their efforts will have a far higher rate of success in comparison to a man that is just playing games. Getting back your ex requires commitment from you and your ability to remain truthful and dedicated. Without this it will only be a half effort and will not be worth your time in the long run. In order to be in this frame of mind, it is essential to ensure winning your ex back is the right thing to be doing. Make sure you are one hundred percent in love with her and you are ready to give your whole life to her before you waste both her time and your own.

6. Give your ex good reasons to want to come to you. One of the causes of men failing to get their ex back, is that they fail to understand (even try to learn) what it is their ex wants. Being in a relationship goes a lot deeper than buying her flowers once a month and telling her you love her a few times a day. Try your best to find out what makes her tick. Consider her feelings, her plans and ambitions. Try to find out the truth about your separation and be ready to make some changes in order to allow her to have the things she desires. Have a look at yourself and try to improve on areas that maybe she has come to dislike. This does not necessarily mean your looks, but maybe a change in attitude and the way you behave could have been a problem for her. Whatever the issues are, make sure you understand what it is she is seeking from a partnership and try to be accommodating.

7. Observe a plan and strategy to get the ex back. It is very unwise, yet a common mistake, to rush in and try to fix things quick with your ex. Feelings are a delicate subject and you must handle these situations with care and understanding. Charging in without a plan and without guidance is a sure way to end your relationship permanently. Take your time, consider options, and learn how to behave and what steps to take. Only by educating yourself can you make your ex girlfriend consider being with you again.

There are of course lots of options and choices available with respect of tips to get the ex back information. It is important to learn as much as possible and be in control of yourself and the situation at hand. Learning how to have her again also involves using your common sense, but it is always a wise move to be educated and disciplined in your actions.